Detroit Rappers 'Peezy' and 'Icewear Vezzo' Show Trump They're All In For Him

June 17, 2024, 11:41 AM by  Allan Lengel

Rappers Peezy and Icewear Vezzo with Donald Trump (Instagram photo) 

Detroit rappers Peezy and Icewear Vezzo, supporters of Donald Trump, posed for photos with him  on Saturday at the 180 Church on Detroit's west side. Trump spoke at the church in his drive to court Black voters, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic.

“I love Donald Trump,” Peezy told Bridge Detroit.

“What I’m here for is because I wanted to see some of our community speak for us, because you know, everybody in the black community don’t represent everybody in the black community.”

On Instagram, Icewear Vezzo posted a photo of himself with Peezy and Trump and stated:

But naw in all seriousness everyone not gonna agree with this picture but we don’t all have to agree on everything I just know not many of us will ever have the chance to really speak up for us and address how we may really feel so I stepped out on faith I didn’t meet him as a rapper I met him as a man and a father who understands the only way to attempt change things is to address things

The church's senior Pastor Lorenzo Sewell told Trump he was humbled to be hosting him.

The following day, Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, president of the Detroit branch of the NAACP, blasted Trump's visit on MSNC, saying, "he did not articulate any policy he articulated the fact that he wanted to come and get some black votes." He also said there were a lot of white people attending the church gathering. 

See Rev. Wendell Anthony on MSNBC

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