Attorney: Criticizing Jennifer Crumbley For Being 'Rarely Home' Is Sexist and Misogynistic

April 07, 2024, 12:46 PM

Jennifer Crumbley testifying in Oakland County

The attorney for Jennifer Crumbley argues in a sentencing memorandum that the prosecution has been unfair to her client, particularly when it comes to parental responsibility. 

"Criticizing Mrs. Crumbley for being 'rarely home' is a sexist and misogynistic attack on a mother. It’s certainly not criminal, nor would it be expected to lead to criminal behavior by a child, particularly when it was a two-parenthousehold where Mr. Crumbley mostly worked from home — and was very close to home — even when he was DoorDashing in between jobs," wrote attorney Shannon Smith on Friday, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Jennifer Crumbley and her husband James Crumbley were both convicted in separate trials on four counts of involuntary manslaughter for the four murders their son Ethan committed at Oxford High School in November 2021. The son also shot and wounded seven others including a teacher. Both parents will be sentenced Tuesday.

The prosecution is asking for 10 to 15 years. Smith has asked the judge to consider Jennifer Crumbley's time served in the county jail -- nearly 2 1/2 years -- and let her serve any remaining time at her guest house. 

Smith also rejects the prosecution's claim that Jennifer Crumbley has shown "a complete lack of remorse by minimizing any role she had in the matter."

"She in reality has lost everything," Smith writes, according to Tresa Baldas of the Freep. "And she is saddled with extra baggage knowing the horrific acts her son did to others and always second guessing every choice she made as a parent."

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