'The Week That Was:' Lawyers On Panel Predict a Hung Jury in Jennifer Crumbley Trial

February 02, 2024, 1:28 PM

Host Saeed Khan talks with attorneys Mike Rataj, Joel Sklar and Steve Fishman, community and labor activist Barb Ingalls, veteran journalist Nancy Derringer and Deadline Detroit co-founder Allan Lengel.

The trio of veteran attorneys talk about Jennifer Crumbley's testimony and predict there will be a hung jury because of some sympathy among jurors. They also question why the case wasn't just pleaded out. 

They also talk about Taylor Swift and the MAGA's concern about her; Tech bigwigs face Senate Committee on social media’s Impact on youth: New Role for Kid Rock as Donald Trump's policy advisor? Elmo asks a simple question and opens up a can of worms; and Schmuck of the Week.

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